Yo-kai Watch 4++ - (NSW) Nintendo Switch [Pre-Owned] (Japanese Import)

Level 5

$69.99 USD

Supported Languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Adventure in a powered-up world!

New elements have been added to "Yo-Kai Watch 4" where you can enjoy stories that transcend the time and space of the four worlds, starting with the mysterious "Tobira", and power up!

The story is set in four worlds that transcend time and space. You can freely explore the worlds of the present, the past, the future, and the demon world, which have different atmospheres. Yo-kai have a unique lineup from all over the world, including the new yo-kai that first appeared!

The players of this title are 6 characters who each have a Yo-Kai Watch in their hands! As a "watcher" who uses the abilities of Yo-Kai Watch, players can fight in the field with their friends and yo-kai and participate in attacks! Absorb the yo-kai power from the enemy yo-kai and use it for attacks and recovery of friends, or perform slapstick... Each player has special abilities, so use it according to the battle!

Product Details

Name: Yo-kai Watch 4++ [妖怪ウォッチ4++]
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Level 5
Official Release Date: 12/05/19
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: No Online Multiplayer

Game Data

Genre: Role-Playing > Trainer
Country: Japan
Product ID: LA-H-AS5JB-JPN
Product Barcode: 4571237661068

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