J&L Game is obsessed with sharing one of a kind and authentic product experiences that stimulate our beloved fans' imaginations and fuel their gaming needs. We have been on a mission to create a world where everyone can embrace their inner desire and connect with one another gamer globally. No matter if you are a casual gamer, gaming expert or new challenger next door or from the furthest countries. We will always trying our very best to fulfill your needs every single day. We specializes in all things gaming - Current Gen, Retro/Classic and imported games and consoles.

We also offer repair services video game consoles and CDs/DVDs/BluRays.


Our History

We started out as a humble store inside the Elizabeth Mall in Chinatown with 40 sq ft in 1992. There was only room for one glass showcase, with the owner as it's sole staff. Our selection was small, only containing NEO GEO, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo Entertainment Systems and games, as well as 3DO Interactive Multiplayer products.

From the year 2000 and beyond, our business grew. We moved across the street to a larger location of 1000 sq ft on Elizabeth Street to help us give more of what our customers want. We started carrying imports as well as offering various repair services.

As business grew even more, we were able to move to a more prominent area with more than 1500 sq ft in 2014. Now we have more than 10,000 titles in our growing selection, from retro to modern gen to imports. Our showcases now total more than 20 units, filled to the brim with gaming goods.

It has been so successful that we received tremendous requests from our fans to expand our categories to sell more unique and gaming related products. Ever since then, our shop has been evolved several times and is now providing the best way to find wondrous, exclusive and hidden treasures that express all your passions - much of which you won't find anywhere else on Earth (or any other planet).

We only carry 100% guaranteed officially licensed merchandise from reputable manufacturers, distributors & suppliers around the world (USA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, UK... etc).

Our mission is clear - IF IT'S HOT! IT'S HERE!

Please feel absolutely free to browse thru our shop for all type of gaming related products, We are armed with a passion for all things - and now it’s our life’s work. Thank you so much for all your support these past years.


"Thank you very much for your continuous support these 25 years! Keep Gaming!" - Leslie


J&L Game

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