Xenoblade Definitive Edition Collector's Set - Nintendo Switch ( Japanese Import ) [NEW]

J&L Video Games New York City

$179.99 USD
This is a special set that includes the Nintendo Switch software "Xenoblade Definitive Edition", an original art book that includes many game illustrations and setting images, and a soundtrack CD with a steel book specification case.
The RPG "Xenoblade", which was released on Wii in 2010 and combines science fiction and fantasy, will be revived vividly on Nintendo Switch. The story, play volume, field exploration, battle system, and replay elements of the time have been retained, but the graphics have been converted to HD, some new sound sources have been re-recorded, and additional stories have been newly recorded. In addition, the UI has been redesigned to make it easier to play.
A story of revenge and creation of a kind-hearted boy set in the skeleton of two pillars of God. The god of people who fell asleep after a long battle, the god of machines, and the god of machines, the god of machines. In a world set in the decaying body of two gods, the main character, Shulk, is attacked by the mysterious life form "Kigami Soldier" and loses his childhood friend's life. With the divine sword "monad" in hand to defeat the enemy, we will embark on an adventure in a magnificent world where humans and machines confront each other.
Additional story "Xenoblade Connected Future" This work includes a new additional story. The world after clearing the main story is drawn centering on the main character Shulk and Melia of the high enter tribe who also appears in the main story. * After purchase, you can play immediately even if you have not cleared the main part.

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