Unnecessary Roughness '95 - SEGA Genesis [Pre-Owned]


$14.99 USD

This Game's So Intense, Everything Else Is Unnecessary. On any given Sunday, it comes down to one thing: You against the other guy, strength against strength. It's power football and you don't go half way. You'll pound the middle with backs like Barry Foster and Jerome Bettis. Stuff the run with guys like Reggie White and Junior Seau. Take Sterling Sharpe and Rod Woodson one-on-one with Tim Brown. You'll spread 'em out with multiple offensive and defensive sets, shut 'em down with all-out blitzes and custom audible calls. In this game, you'll play through blind-side sacks, goal line leaps and hits so intense, you'll wonder if it's worth the punishment. But any pro will tell you, the only thing that's unnecessary is losing. - Over 1,400 NFLPA players give you the feel of real action. - Watch the action in 2 view modes, overview and zoom for in-your-face action. - Use the high-impact option to push the action to the limits... Just don't get flagged for unnecessary roughness. - Digitized player cards give you special stats on over 150 NFLPA stars. - Choose season play, exhibition games, playoffs, or the intense 2-minute drill. - Save league and championship standings with the memory chip.

Product Details

Name: Unnecessary Roughness '95
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Accolade
Official Release Date: 08/25/94
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Sports > Team > Football > Arcade
Country: USA
Product ID: 3414
Product Barcode: 015605034145

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