Top Gun: Fire at Will! (Long Box) - PlayStation 1 Video Games Spectrum Holobyte
Top Gun: Fire at Will! (Long Box) - PlayStation 1 Video Games Spectrum Holobyte

Top Gun: Fire at Will! (Long Box) - PlayStation 1

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Just for the Butt-Kicking, G-Pulling, BOGEY-BASHING Thrill of it! You are Maverick - and you've got your orders on your mind, Commander Hondo on your back and MiGs on your tail! TOP GUN: Fire at Will! features live-action video, including the return of James Tolkan as "Hondo", Maverick's tough, cigar-chompin' Commanding Officer, and Julie Carmen as "Amanda". Chase the enemy over stunning terrain, through dense clouds and into the sunset! Attack your foe with a massive arsenal of lethal air-to-air missiles and deadly special weapons. Control more power and bigger, better weapons when you hunt down each level boss. TOP GUN: Fire at Will! Just remember: The trophy for second best is a headstone.

Product Details

Name: Top Gun: Fire at Will! (Long Box)
Platform: PlayStation 1
Publisher: Spectrum Holobyte
Developer: MicroProse
Official Release Date: 06/01/96
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Simulation > Flight > Combat
ESRB: Animated Violence
Country: USA
Product ID: SLUS-00032
Product Barcode: 085004154706

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