The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai - SEGA Dreamcast


$99.99 USD

More than a dozen Samurai blade masters are summoned to compete in a challenge that has only one victor - and no other survivors. The Last Blade 2 Heart of the Samurai recreates 1864 Japan in all its feudal glory . Players are swept into 1-on-1 death matches against the living and the dead in a quest to bring honor to their master's clan. Each character wields their favorite weapon with a deadly accuracy that is sure to leave the players breathless - all in a split second! Practice each of the lightning-quick moves to perfection, or else prepare to be counted amongst those slain in battle.

Product Details

  • Name: The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast
  • Genre: Action > Fighting > 2D
  • Developer/Publisher: Agetec
  • Release Date: 2001-08
  • Item ID: T-44305N
  • Item Code: 041187010321
  • Franchise: The Last Blade