The Flintstones - (GB) Game Boy [Pre-Owned] Video Games Ocean
The Flintstones - (GB) Game Boy [Pre-Owned] Video Games Ocean
The Flintstones - (GB) Game Boy [Pre-Owned] Video Games Ocean

The Flintstones - (GB) Game Boy [Pre-Owned]

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IT'S FRED'S LIFE...AND YOU GET TO YABB-DABBA-DOO-IT!What's more fun than watching The Flintstones? Playing The Flintstones, silly!The evil Cliff Vandercave has kidnapped Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. Guess who to the rescue?!?Put on your tiger skin, take off your shoes, and be your favorite Stone Age stooge in the rockinest adventure this side of the Jurassic Park. Live in Bedrock. Hang out with Barney, Wilma, Betty, and Dino. Wrestle with hungry dinosaurs. Eat Brontosaurus Burgers. And bring home the little ones, safely.After all, it's Fred's life...and you get to YABBA-DABBA-DOO-IT!

Product Details

  • Name: The Flintstones
  • Platform: Game Boy
  • Genre: Action > Platformer > 2D
  • Developer/Publisher: Ocean
  • Release Date: 1994-12
  • Franchise: The Flintstones
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