Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition - SEGA Genesis [Pre-Owned]


$29.99 USD

Every so often a game comes along that'll knock your socks off. Real football started with the original Tecmo Bowl in 1989 and now, there is Tecmo Super Bowl III: The Final Edition. Tecmo Super Bowl III is the culmination of 6 long years of development evolution and listening to you, the game player. If you like football, if you want real NFL teams and real NFL players, this game is a must. This ain't no eye candy, son. This is real football for real players. Real Teams... Real Players... Real Football... - 2 point conversion option - Audible plays - Back-up battery for maximum record-keeping - Changeable defensive formations - Create your own Pro Bowl - Dive plays and touchbacks - Fake punt and field goals - NEW, ALL 30 NFL TEAMS - NEW CINEMA SCREENS - NEW SUPERSTAR MODE - NEW FREE AGENCY SYSTEM - NEW GRAPHICS - NEW LARGE FIELD SIMULATION - NEW PASSING MODES - NEW SPEECH AND MUSIC - Real NFLP players and photos - Real NFL schedule - Team and player stats and data - Tournament style play - Twice as many offensive plays - Weather factors; fair, rain, snow - Weekly standings - You call the plays If it's in real football, it's in Tecmo Super Bowl III.

Product Details

Name: Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Tecmo
Official Release Date: 08/04/95
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Sports > Team > Football > Sim
Country: USA
Product ID: T-36066
Product Barcode: 018946030081

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