Taito Legends - (PS2) PlayStation 2 [Pre-Owned]


$34.99 USD


Taito Legends collects 36 classic arcade titles, from a company that dominated in the 80s and early 90s. Not only will you have a complete arcade on your PS2, but you'll get to explore their development -- watch interviews, study development artwork and even sales flyers & arcade cabinet art!

The classics include:

  • Operation Thunderbolt
  • Operation Wolf
  • Phoenix
  • Space Invaders II
  • Colony 7
  • Electric Yoyo
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Elevator Action
  • Great Swordsman
  • Gladiator 
  • Exzisus
  • Plump Pop
  • Rastan
  • Super Qix
  • The New Zealand Story
  • Battle Shark
  • Continental Circus
  • Plotting (aka Flipull)
  • Volfied Aqua Jack
  • The Ninja Kids
  • Space Gun
  • Thunderfox 
  • Tube It 
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Jungle Hunt
  • Rainbow Islands
  • Return of the Invaders
  • Space Invaders
  • Tokio

Product Details

Game Data

  • Genre: Miscellaneous > Compilation
  • Age Rating: ESRB T
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Violence
  • Country: USA
  • Product ID: SLUS-21122
  • Item Code: 010086630961

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