Super 3D Baseball - (SFC) Super Famicom [Pre-Owned] (Japanese Import)

Jaleco Entertainment

$39.99 USD

In your hands is the most realistic, easy-to-learn, and - to put it plainly - FUN baseball game ever created! Jaleco's Baases Loaded games for the NES and Super NES have always set the standard for video game baseball, selling over 5 million copird worldwide. Super Bases Loaded 2 continues the tradition. For one thing, it's the first Super NES baseball game to employ the DSP chip, a new technology that allows 3-D movement like you've never seen before. After every crack of the bat, you actually follow the ball with an amazing 3-D "camera" perspective. But it takes more than cutting-edge technology to make the ultimate baseball game. So be sure to check out a few of these awesome features: - Battery-backup keeps track of all teams in the league. - CUSTOM TEAM option lets you design and save your own teams. - Adjustable season lengths - from 10 to 162 games. - Detailed, ever-changing player stats keep track of every play you make. - Make play as easy or challenging as you want with AUTOMATIC FIELDING and ERRORS options. - Detailed info on leading hitters and pitchers is available at any time. - Updated fatigue factors recreate pitching with stunning realism.

Product Details

Name: Super 3D Baseball
Platform: Super Nintendo
Publisher: Jaleco Entertainment
Official Release Date: 08/07/92
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Sports > Team > Baseball > Sim
Country: Japan
Product ID: SHVC-PB
Product Barcode: 4907859106135

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