Skate or Die: Bad 'n Rad - (GB) Game Boy [Pre-Owned]


$19.99 USD

Think you're down 'n dirty enough to rule the streets?

Nothing in your wildest dreams or most hideous nightmares can compare to this seven level skin-blistering thrash-o-rama sponsored by that Crown Prince of Rock 'N Destruction - ElRad the Evil One. From the second you hyper-skate into ElRad's wide world of wipe-outs you'll be pushed to the outer limits by his ruthless band of skateboard freaks. Punishing pals like the Sonic Boomer, the Cool Cat-Eating Rats and the Berserk Not-So-Happy Clown will crash your board and bust your every move.
You'll be the bait of a fiendish feeding frenzy. And to escape the jaws of death you must outjump Fang Master Flash the Leaping Lizard, zip and duck past oozing mounds of nuclear mud, and wail and assail in Attack Copter Alley. Until you ultimately cruise where no dude has cruised before - the hyper-intense Rampage Stage.
Needless to say, the flesh will be flying.

Product Details

  • Name: Skate or Die: Bad 'n Rad
  • Platform: Game Boy
  • Genre: Sports > Individual > Skate / Skateboard
  • Developer/Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: 1990-09
  • Item ID: DMG-SK-USA
  • Item Code: 083717140030

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