Sesame Street: ABC & 123 - (NES) Nintendo Entertainment System [Pre-Owned]

Hi Tech Expressions

$19.99 USD

4 Games in 1! Four Exciting Ways to Learn!

Game 1: SESAME STREET LETTER-GO-ROUND provides a playful setting in which children practice early reading skills. Children play with the whirling ferris wheel as they practice letter recognition and matching, simple spelling and word formation.

Game 2: ERNIE'S BIG SPLASH: Splish, splash, Ernie's taking a bath. But where's Rubber Duckie? Luckily, children can help by building a wacky pathway that leads Rubber Duckie from his soapdish into Ernie's bathtub - a fun-filled way for children to practice planning, predicting and problem-solving.

Game 3: Astro-Grover Look up in the stars. It's Astro-Grover. Help Grover in outer space as he has a close encounter with the friendly Zips from the planet Zap. Children count, add, and subtract Zips as they improve basic math skills. If they answer GROVER correctly, he will fly out to meet the Zips. In the case of a wrong answer, the Man-in-the-Moon will shake his head and encourage the child to try again. As children develop their number skills, a series of correct answers results in the building of GROVER's beautiful city or the launching of a zippy spaceship. Children are entertained for hours with colorful graphics and music that make learning fun!

Game 4: Ernie's Magic Shapes With a wave of Ernie's wand, any child can make magic. ERNIE invites children to join him on stage to practice matching shapes and colors as he presents challenging problems to solve. Each time ERNIE magically creates a picture above his head, the child must consider its shape, size, and color. Each picture is composed of colored shapes in patterns that become more challenging through six levels of play. Shape by shape, children help ERNIE select the right one and make the incorrect one disappear! When the picture is complete, ERNIE's magic bunny jumps out to dance.

Product Details

Name: Sesame Street: ABC & 123
Platform: NES
Publisher: Hi Tech Expressions
Official Release Date: November 1991
Number of Players: 1 Player

Game Data

Genre: Miscellaneous > Compilation
Country: USA
Product ID: NES-5A-USA
Product Barcode: 087855000058

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