Samurai Shodown Anthology - Sony PSP

SNK NeoGeo

$79.99 USD

Details: Product Description The complete collection of the SAMURAI SHODOWN series, containing 6 games; Samurai Shodown, I, II, III, IV, V, and VI Celebrate the history of SAMURAI SHODOWN by battling as one of the greatest Samurai of all time. Six separate adventures that span across the life of the franchise in this incredible collection. The Samurai Shodown Anthology is a compilation of games from the groundbreaking SNK weapon-based fighting Samurai Shodown series. Celebrate the history of the franchise through the years by battling as one of the greatest Samurai of all time, through six separate adventures in this incredible collection. The collection includes six games from the series including Samurai Shodown I, II, III, IV, V and the never before released in North America Samurai Shodown VI. Games of the Anthology Key Game Features: Features six incredible Samurai Shodown games (releases 1-6) in one. Samurai Shodown 6 available for the first time in North America in this compilation. Extensive gallery of unlockable bonus materials; concept art, soundtracks and more. Arcade perfect port of each title. Pick-up-and-play, nonstop action. Local single player and 2-player online wireless Ad-Hoc support.


  • Six incredible games on one disc
  • SAMURAI SHODOWN 6 available for the first time in North America
  • Tons of unlockable bonus content material
  • Pick-up-and-play, non-stop action
  • Wireless Ad-Hoc 2-player support

Release Date: 24-03-2009

Languages: English

Brand: SNK NeoGeo

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