RIDE 5 - (PS5) PlayStation 5

Milestone S.r.l

$59.99 USD

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT - Actually, we went beyond! The incredible attention to detail doesn’t stop at the perfection of reproductions, the way the bikes behave during the race, or the breath-taking views. Even the sky itself is now a celebration of realism, thanks to the Dynamic Weather system and new volumetric clouds, which will now change shape and density, interacting with the lighting and ever-changing weather conditions. Graphics, animations, environments, technical details: everything contributes to make it feel like you are there.

WHERE THERE’S A WHEEL, THERE’S A WAY - Enthusiasm might not be enough to win. But surely it is enough to learn how to achieve victory! We worked hard to nourish your enthusiasm and feed your passion for the 2-wheels, designing new tools to let you progressively, learn and master the game. Regardless of your initial skill level, RIDE 5 will help you to unleash your full potential step by step, making learning a fun and rewarding experience. Adjust the new AI based riding aids to control brakes, cornering, steering, throttle and many more advanced settings to perfect your style and develop your skills!

PUT YOUR NAME ON THE MAP - Looking for fame and success? It’s gonna be a long way to the top, but the journey will be incredible! From local competitions to the most challenging races, you will test yourself on the most exciting tracks and face fiery rivals, ranked by their skill, guided by our advanced AI. Prove you are the best and climb the rankings to make your dreams of glory come true.

Product Details

Name: Ride 5
Platform: PlayStation 5
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l
Developer: Milestone S.r.l
Official Release Date: 08/25/23
Number of Players: 1-2 Players
Online Multiplayer: Up to 20 Players

Game Data

Genre: Racing > Simulation > Automobile
Country: USA
Product ID: PPSA-
Product Barcode: 810086922093


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