No Rules: Get Phat - (GBA) Game Boy Advance [Pre-Owned]

TDK Mediactive

$14.99 USD

One Eye Jack is just chillin' in his crib, eatin' his favorite cereal, Cocoa Soul Puffies, watching some TV when his signal gets whacked and the Punkazz Aliens broadcast to the entire town... "We're the Punkazz Aliens; We think we're all that. Better move your butt fast; Cuz we're here to GET PHAT." Now it is your mission to board, grind, shoot, and mix the Punkazz Aliens out of your hood. *Skateboard, snowboard, shoot and scratch to keep the Punkazz Aliens from gettin' phat *Bust out with trix such as Double Ollies, 360s and hand plants *Mix and scratch with your portable turntable to melt the Punkazz Aliens *5 worlds including Colbutt Mountain and the Cocoa Soul Puffies cereal factory

Product Details

Name: No Rules: Get Phat
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: TDK Mediactive
Official Release Date: 11/25/01
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Action > Platformer > 2D
ESRB: Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Mild Violence
Country: USA
Product Barcode: 739069625021

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