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Nintendo Game & Watch: Pinball

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Pinball is a Multi Screen Game & Watch game released in December of 1983. Nintendomanufactured around 250,000 units of the game worldwide. It's basically just a portable pinball game where you control two flippers. The goal is to keep the ball above the flippers by hitting it. The ball will then go in a fairly random direction and hit the bumpers, thus giving the player points. The model number for the game was PB-59, with PB standing for Pinball. The game's box came with the unit, two LR44 batteries, an instruction booklet and battery stickers.

As is the case with all Game & Watch games, Pinballhas a clock with an alarm. If you wish to set the alarm, then you should use a sharp object and push the switch. If done correctly, a bell will appear. The bell is the game's alarm icon. Following this you can set the time for when the alarm will sound. Once the time arrives, the bell will start to move and flash while the alarm will sound. If you're playing the game, the bell will still move around, though the alarm will not sound.


The flippers and a few other objects are positioned on the bottom screen. The plunger and the extra balls can also be viewed down there. On the upper screen is are some bumpers and other attractions, as well as the exit for the ball when the plunger is initiated. When the ball reaches the top of the bottom screen, it will emerge on the top screen. The 1 button will control the right button while the 2 button will control the left one.

There are two modes in the game including Game A and Game B. Game A has three balls and Game B only has one ball. In Game A, no extra balls are rewarded if you earn high scores, though in Game B, you'll receive extra balls when you reach 10,000, and thereafter every 20,000 points you receive, you'll earn an extra ball. In Game B, you can only have 3 balls available at once. The player will earn 500 points when the strike a bumper at the bottom of the top screen. The maximum amount of points a player can accumulate is 999,900 points. Once it reaches that extremely challenging to get score, it will restart back to zero.

The player will loose a ball if it goes into the left alley or into the center. In Game A, the game will be over when the player looses three balls, while in Game B the game will end when all of the balls are gone. After the game is over, the player can choose to play again, though if he doesn't the time will be displayed after four minutes.

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