Nintendo e-Reader - Card Reader - (GBA) Game Boy Advance [Pre-Owned]


$49.99 USD

Details: The e-Reader is an accessory for use with the Game Boy Advance that reads information from collectible trading cards and translates it on the GBA into standalone games or enhancements to some traditional games. The e-Reader connects into the GBA cartridge slot and can also connect to another GBA or even a GameCube. Players simply slide the paper cards, available for as low as $1.95, through the e-Reader much as you slide a credit card through a point-of-purchase machine at a grocery store. When you do this, the unit scans the codes imprinted on the card and stores the information in its 1-megabit flash ROM for as long as the power is on. Animal Crossing for the GameCube takes advantage of this technology, and many more uses are planned. This set includes the e-Reader unit and the e-Reader card for the NES version of Donkey Kong Jr. Product Description The e-Reader is an all-new device that lets you scan games right into your Game Boy Advance. Trade game cards with your friends or take them anywhere. They are as small and portable as trading cards. Just plug your e-Reader into your Game Boy Advance, slide an e-Reader card and transfer entire games and other information right to your Game Boy Advance. Play to your heart's content. You can also use the GameCube/Game Boy Advance cable to transfer data from your e-Reader to your GameCube. Your e-Reader is all about having fun.


  • e-Reader is a device made by Nintendo for its Game Boy Advance portable video game system. It has an LED scanner that reads "e-Reader Cards," paper cards with specially encoded data printed on them.

Languages: English

Brand: Nintendo

Product ID: AGB-014

EAN: 045496720377

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