Nintendo 3DS LL Luigi 30 Years Anniversary Set - (3DS) Nintendo 3DS ( Japanese Import )


$399.99 USD


  • Plays Japanese 3DS games only

If you intend to use abroad Nintendo 3DS, please refer to the following guidelines . In addition, please use in accordance with the laws of each region . [ 2013.7.26 update ] The AC adapter The included AC adapter (WAP-002 (JPN)), I is compatible with only the power supply of 100V ~ 120V to Nintendo 3DS in Japan specification . You'll need to prepare the AC adapter dedicated to when it is charging at the power area of 200V ~ 240V. Will sell in Japan because there is not it , please can purchase an AC adapter dedicated in the field to be used. For game software that can be used You can not use the software have been released abroad . I am afraid that I can not guarantee the operation , even if that were available . Warranty Use in foreign countries will be covered by the warranty . For any damage or malfunction of the body of the failure abroad , resulting in the other , it can not be that you take the time to accept the services and warranty , Please note . If the product is to be used in wireless Wireless communication of the Nintendo 3DS (※) function , you can use only in areas that have acquired the wireless authentication . ※ communication between the Nintendo 3DS and communication over the Internet


  • It is a special pack download version " RPG4 Dream Adventure Mario & Luigi " Nintendo 3DS LL special specification was set . ■ Set contents - Nintendo 3DS LL body - Nintendo 3DS LL only touch pen · SDHC Memory Card 4GB ( download version " RPG4 Dream Adventure Mario & Luigi " is saved) · AR Cards (6 pieces) Easy - Start Guide Instruction manual - Warranty ※ AC adapter is sold separately . In order to use this product , you must have an AC adapter for charging . ---! Regard to 3D video --- · There is individual difference in the Visibility of 3D video . That it may not be seen in 3D video content physical condition and constitution , of the video , such as by the surrounding circumstances , Please note . - For children 6 years old and below , because there may adversely affect the growth of the eye and continue to see 3D images for a long time , please use the 2D display . The 3D video of Nintendo 3DS, not only can see in the body .

Brand: Nintendo

EAN: 4902370520903

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