Mother 1+2 - (GBA) Game Boy Advance (Japanese Import) [Pre-Owned]


$149.99 USD

MOTHER, which many people declare to be the pinnacle of the RPG genre, is back on the GBA as a set of two games! MOTHER was a hot topic not only for copywriters but also for Mr. Shigesato Itoi, who has made a name for himself with his multi-faceted activities. Many fans have been waiting for the day when the series will be released. MOTHER 1 + 2 is a very beneficial game where you can enjoy MOTHER and MOTHER 2: Gyiyg's Counterattack on a single cartridge! MOTHER was a shock to everyone, whether it was a commercial, a game, or a story. The beginning dates back to the early 1900s, and the actual stage is the United States in 1988. It starts from the place where a 12-year-old boy gets involved in a mysterious phenomenon. As the journey progresses, acquaintances who will become friends with the boy will join him, and an unexpected story will unfold. And in MOTHER 2, which was released with high expectations from the fans, the story begins when a meteorite falls in the neighborhood of the main character Ness's house who lives in "Eagleland" in 199X. The next day, Ness meets an alien and hears a surprising story. According to the alien, Ness, who lives in an ordinary countryside, is actually responsible for the fate of the earth. From the familiar hometown of Eagleland, the boy sets out on an adventure. The characters in this game do not use "magic" as in classic RPGs. Instead, they overcome various crises with a special ability called "PSI". PSI is...yes, "supernatural power". Familiar tools such as bats and frying pans are also used as weapons to defeat enemies. As long as the monsters are fun, players can see their hidden charm and uniqueness unlike typical ghosts. And the important plot point that is common in advancing the story is the flowing "melody". Don't forget that the melody is a very important key plot point in MOTHER 1 + 2... From the setting to the story, you can really feel the humor of Mr. Itoi, the producer, at work. MOTHER 1 + 2 has a charm that will not fade over time. Those who have played both games in the past will find not only nostalgia but also fresh fun and surprises. It serves as an example that truly good things remain good! And you can reconfirm why they have been loved for such a long time. Even those who have never played before will be drawn into the eccentric world. Two stories are packed in one cartridge, so take your time and enjoy the excitement!

Product Details

Name: Mother 1+2
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Nintendo
Official Release Date: 06/20/03
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Miscellaneous > Compilation
Country: Japan
Product ID: AGB-A2UJ-JPN
Product Barcode: 4902370506532

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