MISTOVER (Limited Edition) - (NSW) Nintendo Switch (Japanese Import)


$249.99 USD

Details: Rogue-like RPG for Desire and Release

When the surveillance squad moves, monsters will move, turn dungeons
The inside of the "foggy of disaster" is a strange dungeon that changes its shape every time you enter it. Monsters nesting in a dungeon act as a player's research team performs. Make your exploration more efficient, while carefully predicting the "monster" motion with each step.

Command selection battle, where each other's "squares" hold the key to winning and defeating.
When it comes into contact with a monster, you will enter the Command Selection Battle. Whether you are using "skills" to fight or escape to avoid danger, you can choose the situation. The "circle" is very important because the position of the character is different from the available skills, and the range of effectiveness of the skill.

First of all, it's important to live and come home (Permanent Date).
Research members cannot be returned once they die. However, dead fellow gear can be taken home if someone alive and returned to town. Make life and home the top priority. Take care of the parameters consumed with each action, such as "full stomach" and "light brightness" that illuminates the darkness of fog, and continue to research the column of desire without being too deep.


  • Bring out the character class personality and attack the "Pillar of Desperation"
  • Many kingdoms repeatedly prosperity and decadence, the unknown existence "magician" suddenly appeared in the continent. The powerless humanity has no ability to resist and only desire the powerful power of the "fantastics" forward. The moment they lost all hope and just waiting for "death" only and suddenly they disappeared. This is the one piece... a story of adventurers who are on their destination of humanity, and an alluring character full of character, and Roglike RPG that requires strategy from time to time


  • Specially illustrated cosmetic box
  • Original art book
  • Original soundtrack download code
  • In-game content download code included

Brand: Nintendo

EAN: 4510772200028


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