Machine Hunter - (PS1) PlayStation 1 [Pre-Owned]

MGM Interactive

$29.99 USD

SOME KILL FOR SPORT. SOME KILL FOR GLORY. YOU KILL FOR POWER. You'll be up to your eyeballs in enemies in this rocket-blasting, multi-layered 3-D hell where your very survival depends on destroying an army of mechanized killers one by one, taking over their bodies - then using their powers to annihilate the rest of the horde. - 16 MULTI-LAYERED ARENAS OF COMBAT contain hidden rooms and secret levels for a vicious challenge at every turn - TRANSFORM INTO YOUR KILLS and steal their powers for any hope of survival - 10 DEADLY CLASSES OF ROBOTS each one more devastating than the last - A FUTURISTIC WEAPONS ARSENAL housing the most lethal weaponry ever made - 2-PLAYER SPLIT-SCREEN DEATHMATCH OR COOPERATIVE MODE OVERHEAD 3-D ENVIRONMENT with full 360 attack mobility THE ULTIMATE COMBAT CHALLENGE you must first waste your enemy - then take over its body and use its powers to crush even deadlier opponents

Product Details

Name: Machine Hunter
Platform: PlayStation 1
Publisher: MGM Interactive
Developer: Eurocom
Official Release Date: 08/31/97
Number of Players: 1-2 Players
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Action > General
ESRB: Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence
Country: USA
Product ID: SLUS-00470
Product Barcode: 027616589491

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