Labyrinth of Zangetsu - (NSW) Nintendo Switch (Japanese Import)


$49.99 USD

Details: 'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' breaks onto the scene for Consoles! Set in the Ido period, the world has blackened under the disaster of the Ink of Ruin. Conscript a team of skilled warriors to venture deep into the impure Labyrinths to conquer the Ink plaguing the land. Will you return unscathed and free the land of this stain? Dangerous yokai await you inside!


  • Uniquely illustrated visuals - in a hand drawn, jet-black ink brush stroke which is very reminiscent of traditional Japanese Calligraphy.
  • 6 playable heroes - pre-programmed into the game, but there is also an option to create/build your own hero with unique individual stats and abilities.
  • Frightening enemies - based off traditional Japanese folklore and Yokai (ghosts, ghouls & demons)
  • Turn based battles - with various Ink Beasts in the most dangerous areas. 3 ‘front’ characters to engage and attack and 3 ‘back’ characters to defend and parry
  • Engaging narrative - and overarching story to enjoy the successes of your gameplay and reflect upon your losses too.
  • Immersive and atmospheric music - based off of various traditional Japanese music as you play to create a captivating story.

Release Date: 04-20-2023

Languages: Japanese

Brand: Acquire

EAN: 4544626010457



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