La Russa Baseball 95 - (SG) SEGA Genesis [Pre-Owned]

EA Sports

$24.99 USD

Try to find another 16-bit baseball game that gives you more stats. You won't. Try to find a game where you hit a homer and it feels like you hit a homer. You won't. Try to find a game with player attributes that are easier to recognize. You won't. Try to find a better baseball game. You won't. Fast Addictive Gameplay - Hit it well and FEEL the crack of the bat - Simple spotlight fielding with wind factor - Slugfest & Sim modes - Rookie, Veteran, All Star computer levels Intense Strategy - Quit & Save a game or season in progress - 1994 MLBPA rosters; La Russa strategy tips - Top 20 stats - your season and historical - 28 big league teams, 2 custom teams - Play or Manage. Trade players. - Updated stats for every at bat in season mode TV Style Graphics - Selectable views; pitcher or batter - Six fully rendered big league parks - Incredibly realistic player modelling

Product Details

Name: La Russa Baseball 95
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: EA Sports
Official Release Date: 1994
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Sports > Team > Baseball > Sim
Country: USA
Product ID: 7299
Product Barcode: 014633072990

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