The King Of Fighters 97 Global Match Classic Edition Bogard Bundle - PlayStation 4 (Limited Run #204)


$199.99 USD



King of Fighters 97 Global Match on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Classic Edition is limited to 2,500 copies available worldwide. Region free.

The Classic Edition Bogard Bundle includes:

  • Functional, classic, fully licensed, and SNK approved Neo-Geo shockbox designed to hold and store a PS4 or PS Vita game case (or one of each)
  • Physical King of Fighters 97 Global Match game for the PS4 with reversible cover art
  • Neo-Geo AES inspired retro cover sheet
  • AES formatted manual designed to fit in the shockbox manual pouch
  • 3 high-gloss art cards
  • Reversible 18 x 24 inch poster
  • Replica Terry Bogard hat from Fangamer

    Product Details

    Game Data

    • Genre: Action > Fighting > 2D
    • Age Rating: CERO
    • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
    • Country: USA