Imagine: Figure Skater - (NDS) Nintendo DS [Pre-Owned]


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Details: Figure Skater is part of Ubisoft?s Imagine video game series, the first-ever brand developed to appeal to girls age 6?14, which will continue to grow as part of the company?s long-term vision for casual gaming. As the fifth game in the series to be released, Figure Skater allows young girls to immerse themselves in a fantasy world to twirls, jumps, music, fashion and fun competition as they expand their creativity while designing costumes, choreographing routines and preparing for the ultimate figure skating competition. Features Learn to master various figure skating moves and perform routines by using the stylus on the DS: "Wow" the audience with jumps, spins and skating combinations such as a triple Axel, lutz and salchows. Learn new expert moves from your coach as you grow as a figure skater Choose your favorite song, costume and routine for competitions. Choose from three different figure skaters, each with their own unique personalities. With more than 1,000 options you can: Select your favorite hair color and style. Pick from a variety of clothing designs and accessories.Take part in an assortment of fun mini-games; enter the world of a champion and enjoy an entertaining storyline that includes scenarios with friends and rivals as well as school and figure skating training: Train with your personal trainer and master your routines. Set goals with your trainer and learn new maneuvers to perform in a tournament at the end of each month. Product Description In Imagine(TM) Figure Skater, players live the life of a champion who needs to balance her life between training, school and friends. Girls take on the role of a professional figure skater and use the stylus to perform jumps, spins and a variety of skating combinations.


  • Work with your own virtual trainer to establish your goals and achieve your aspirations on the ice.
  • Choose from three different figure skaters, each with their own unique personalities and styles.
  • Use the DS’ stylus to nail the required moves that every champion must master to make it to the top of the figure skating world.
  • Take part in an assortment of fun mini-games that only add to an already engaging storyline.
  • Expand your creativity as you design the costumes and choreograph the routines to make it to the nationals and beyond.

Release Date: 03-05-2008

Languages: English

Brand: Ubisoft


UPC: 008888163886

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