HORI Fighting EDGE for Xbox 360 (White) - Xbox 360


$399.99 USD

Details: The ultimate arcade stick that truly embraces the fighting game spirit, now available in white! Utilizing the independently-developed, state-of-the-art HAYABUSA stick lever and KURO buttons to reduce input time and increase responsiveness, there is no other fighting stick on the market that provides the same level of performance. Featuring an industry-first touch panel display, players can easily program and confirm button layouts or set the stick to Tournament Mode, among other functions. Embraced by professional players and used in fighting game tournaments around the world, the Fighting EDGE is a landmark in design and functionality. Officially licensed by Microsoft. Other features include a tough, non-slip pad on the bottom to keep the controller firmly in place, handles on each side for portability, LED lighting on each side which can be set to flash red when damage is taken, and a wide playing surface and slanted edge for maximum comfort. The Fighting EDGE is a pinnacle in design and performance. Specifications: Length 18.7 in. Width 11.2 in. Height 4.5 in. (Including Stick Lever) Weight 7.7 lbs. Cable Length 9.8 ft. Stick Lever Unit: HORI Original "HAYABUSA" Stick Lever Button Unit: HORI Original "KURO" Button Unit


  • Officially licensed by Microsoft
  • Featuring HORI original "Hayabusa" stick and "Kuro" buttons
  • Programmable buttons, Tournament Mode, and other settings on integrated touch screen
  • Cable storage for easy transport
  • Limited white color

Release Date: 02-24-2015

Languages: English

Brand: HORI

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