Hello Charlie!! - (PS1) PlayStation 1 (Japanese Import)

Enix Corporation

$149.99 USD

Hi! My name is Charlie. I am the night watchman for the MomSteel Steel factory. I was working diligently when all the machinery in the factory started moving. Geez! What should I do? If my boss finds out about this, I'll get fired. Well. I guess the first thing I must do is to look for the Reset Switch to stop the machines. But this factory is huuuuuuge! I hope I can find the reset switch. Fun Variety of Gameplay - 43 levels, 12 Bosses & 48 Timeclocks to punch. - Full 3D movement of scaling sprites with real time 3D objects in a pre-rendered Steel Factory. CG Movies Integrated with Gameplay - 30 Minutes of the world's best, full screen, full-on graphic animation. - As each stage is cleared, a new movie advances the story and enhances the gameplay. Music - Original compositions featuring - Salsa, Up-beat-Jazz, Surf and Polynesian.

Product Details

Name: Hello Charlie!!
Platform: PlayStation 1
Publisher: Enix Corporation
Developer: Rhythm & Hues
Official Release Date: 07/30/98
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Action > Platformer > 3D
ESRB: Comic Mischief
Country: Japan
Product ID: SLPM-86083
Product Barcode: 4988601003100

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