Monster Rancher Battle Card GB - Game Boy Color [USED]


$14.99 USD

It's time to battle! Use your favorite monsters from Monster Rancher and watch the magic unfold as you engage in combat against your opponent. Since you inhabit a secluded island, it is up to you to collect all of the cards on the island before your opponent has a chance to. Make your monster more powerful by collecting cards to destroy your challenger. As the game progresses and your monsters gain strength, you become eligible to take part in "License Matches" at the arena.

Product Details

  • Name: Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
  • Platform: Game Boy Color
  • Genre: Strategy > Turn-Based > Card Battle
  • Developer/Publisher: Tecmo
  • Release Date: 2000-04
  • Item ID: DMG-A6TE-USA
  • Item Code: 0018946010144
  • Franchise: Monster Rancher