Gal Metal! - (NSW) Nintendo Switch (Japanese Import)


$59.99 USD

Supported Languages: Japanese

Aliens are invading Earth! these eight-tentacled extraterrestrials want revenge for humanity's reckless broadcast of the Golden record from the voyager problem, which ruined the peace and quiet of their corner of the universe. The only thing standing between these music-hating creeps and total planetary domination is...a metal Band? landing over the sleepy Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji, the Invaders abduct an unassuming high school student and merge his Soul with that of Rinko, the drummer in her high school's outrageous all-girl metal Club. Now sharing Rinko's body, this unlikely duo will have to team up to take down the aliens with the only weapon they have: metal. Joining this pair are their bandmates in K.M.G. (Kichijoji Metal Girls): Kia, Super sci-fi nerd and synthesizer player; Many, Resident rich girl and bassist; Shiimi, delinquent and lead guitarist; and Eri, Gentle giant and backup guitarist. Together, they'll perfect their music to thwart the aliens and protect the Earth, all while navigating the rigorous of regular school life.

Product Details

Name: Gal Metal! [がるメタる!]
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: DMM GAMES
Official Release Date: 02/08/18
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: No Online Multiplayer

Game Data

Genre: Action > Rhythm > Music
Country: Japan
Product ID: LA-H-AG72A-JPN
Product Barcode: 4573192732692

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