Densha de GO!! One Handle Controller - (NSW) Nintendo Switch (Japanese Import)


$199.99 USD

Details: ・ Mascon: Accelerator 5 steps, Brake 9 steps (8 steps + EB), Neutral, with thumb release button * Use HID on the top and bottom of the L stick ・ Right handle: No buttons ・ Buttons: Direction Button, A, B, X, Y button, L, ZL, R, ZR, +,-button, capture button, HOME button ・ Compatible models: Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Lite not supported) ・ Connection method: Wired USB only (USB Type-A) ・ Dimensions: Approx. W256mm × D147mm × H145mm ・ Weight: Approx. 1000g ・ Color: Black (1 color) ・ Exterior material: ABS ・ Compatible software: Nintendo Switch version "GO by train !! Line "■ Right notation-Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.・ "Densha de Go!" Is a registered trademark of Taito Corporation. -This product is a formal licensed product based on a commercialization license agreement with Taito Co., Ltd.・ ZUIKI is a registered trademark of Mizuki Co., Ltd. ■ Restrictions ・ Nintendo Switch Lite: Not supported ・ Gyro sensor: Not supported ・ Motion IR camera: Not supported ・ Accelerometer: Not supported ・ Player lamp: Not supported ・ HD vibration: Not supported ・ Notification lamp: Not supported ・ NFC ( Short-range wireless communication): Not compatible ・ R stick / R stick button: Not compatible ・ L stick button: Not compatible (* The mass control lever of this product is compatible with L stick) Model number: ZKNS-001


GO by train !! Enjoy a more authentic driver experience with the dedicated one-handle controller
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch (not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite)
Compatible software: Nintendo Switch version "Go by train !! Hashiro Yamate Line" (* Compatible game software is sold separately)
Connection method: Wired USB only (USB Type-A Length: Approx. 3m) Dimensions: Approx. W256mm x D147mm x H145mm Weight: Approx. 1000g Color: Black (1 color)
[Taito officially licensed product] * Caution * The mascon is compatible with Joy-Con's L stick. When operating outside the game, return the position to "N (neutral)".
Date: 05-08-2021

Brand: ZUIKI Co Ltd.

EAN: 4562408231319

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