Corpse Killer (Limited Run #279) (Classic Edition) - (PS4) PlayStation 4

Limited Run Games

$149.99 USD

You're stranded on an uncharted island of Death. You're zombifying from Voodoo poison. A mad scientist is on your trail. Hundres of rotting stiffs are crawling out of their graves to chew your guys, and you can't kill 'em. They're already dead.

You are an unnamed United States marine that is airdropped onto a tropical island on a top secret mission to stop the evil Dr. Hellman, who plans to release his army of zombies on the world. With Winston and Julie, your mission is to infiltrate Hellman's compound and rescue four of your comrades and stop Dr. Hellman from carrying out his plan.

The Corpse Killer Classic Edition includes:

  • Corpse Killer physical game for the PlayStation 4 with reversible art.
  • Full-color behind the scenes booklet containing never before seen production photos.
  • Full Corpse Killer script from when it was known as "Project Manpower"
  • Double disc CD-soundtrack.
  • Corpse Killer logo decal.
  • Double-sided 18 x 24 inch Corpse Killer poster.
  • One piece of original production memorabilia - this can be either a production photo slide, a behind the scenes VHS tape, product pack shot photo, sealed original 3DO Corpse Killer, or sealed Mac Corpse Killer. Chances are random and no guarantees can be made.

Product Details

Name: Corpse Killer (Limited Run #279) (Classic Edition)
Platform: PlayStation 4
Publisher: Limited Run Games
Official Release Date: 07/05/19
Number of Players: 1 Player
Online Multiplayer: No Online Multiplayer

Game Data

Genre: Action > Shooter > Light Gun
ESRB: Blood, Strong Language, Violence
Country: USA
Product ID: CUSA-16720
Product Barcode: 819976022868

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