Sega Saturn Console - (SS) SEGA Saturn [Pre-Owned]


$249.99 USD

WHAT'S IT LIKE ON SATURN? UNBELIEVABLE GRAPHICS, THE SHARPEST VIDEO YET, SO MANY MORE COLORS, INCREDIBLE 3-D, SYNTHETIC WORLDS AND REMARKABLY CLEAR AUDIO... - MASSIVE PARALLEL PROCESSING POWER FOR FASTER, MORE EXPLOSIVE GRAPHICS. Three 32-bit RISC processors make Sega Saturn the most powerful videogame system on the planet. Two heavy-duty video processor ASICs deliver blazing video performance - including 16 million colors and stunning 3-D graphics. - LIGHTNING CD-ROM PERFORMANCE. A Sega Saturn CD ROM contains far more game capacity than any cartridge. The Sega Saturn double-speed CD ROM drive allows for megafast read time and takes you to an amazing new realm in game excitement. - HIGH-QUALITY CD AUDIO. With Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Sega Saturn plays audio CDs with surround sound. CD+G discs, plus dozens of great Sega Saturn games with full digital sound and music. ONCE YOU'VE EXPERIENCED THE POWER AND PERFORMANCE OF SEGA SATURN. NO OTHER SYSTEM ON EARTH WILL DO.

Product Details

Name: Sega Saturn
Platform: Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Official Release Date: April 1996
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Hardware > Console
Country: USA
Product ID: MK-80000A
Product Barcode: 010086800081

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