Bujingai: The Forsaken City - (PS2) Playstation 2 [Pre-Owned]

Taito Corporation

$39.99 USD

Details: Inspired by Hong Kong cinema, Bujingai: The Forsaken City brings the martial arts fantasy to life. You play the role of a spell-casting, gravity-defying warrior named Lau. Set in post-apocalyptic Asia, you must battle your way through an army of fiends to rescue a fellow warrior who has been possessed by a demon. Employ sword combat and magic attacks, combined with acrobatics, gliding, and wall-walking as you fight multiple enemies. The game incorporates the best elements of Hong Kong cinema--swords, magic spells, demons, and wirework--to create an authentic action experience.


  • Furious, fast-paced fighting like the greatest Hong Kong action films, in fully detailed, interactive environments
  • Exciting, intuitive, multifaceted combat system with fluid motion-capture movements, for a more cinematic fighting game
  • Combine magic and combat as run on walls, glide through the air & rack up 100-hit combos
  • Dozens of unlockable techiques, costumes and video footage to keep the adventure fresh & exciting

Release Date: 07-20-2004

Genre: Action > Beat-'Em-Up > 3D
Developer: Taito Corporation
ESRB Descriptor(s): Fantasy Violence
Local Players: 1 Player

Brand: Bam Entertainment

Product ID: SLUS-20895

UPC: 682384620199

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