ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller - (PS4) PlayStation 4 (Japanese Import)

ASTRO Gaming

$349.99 USD

Details: Reasons why ASTRO Gaming is chosen by gamers all over the world ・ As a gear loved by PRO, we provide a design that maximizes the gaming experience and focuses on quality. It was jointly developed with professional gamers and game designers, and because it is a PRO specification, it is designed to realize intuitive operation.・ Whether you are a light gamer or a professional gamer, you can use it in 10 different colors. You can set the gear that suits you, the settings that suit you, and the customization that suits your play style.・ We understand how our customers, gamers, have strong demands on gaming gear, such as ease of use of gear, high product quality, and good design and appearance. World Standard Revolutionary Controllers A fully customizable, high quality professional his controller made for core gamers. The durable and long-lasting C40 TR controller features replaceable / replaceable analog sticks and a D-pad module, as well as a remapping rear button. Multiple configurations are possible, speed and accuracy are high, and it corresponds to any play style and genre. · [Suitable for tournaments] ASTRO Gaming's TR product line for all environments provides quality design and performance for all types of gamers. All tournament-ready products are designed and developed to meet the stringent specifications of professional gamers. -[Integrated remapping rear button] The best rear button layout for excellent ergonomics enhances the accuracy of important moments. The mapping feature streamlines the controller for all genres and playstyles while improving response time and accuracy. Directly remap the buttons on the controller. 


[For PlayStation 4] A PS4 licensed controller that is also used by many professional players. A controller with customizability, convenience, and functionality. A gaming device designed and developed to meet the high demands of professional gamers.
[Fully customizable] You can easily customize with the attached tool. The analog stick on the left and the D-Pad can be swapped. Both analog sticks can be replaced with the included tall type analog sticks.
[Mappable rear button] By downloading the configuration software on your PC, you can change the layout to your favorite commands, adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick, and adjust the depth at which the trigger responds.
[Wired / Wireless Mode Switching] You can quickly switch between wired mode and 2.4GHZ wireless mode with the onboard mode switch, and adapt to any game environment.

Release Date: 11-28-2019

Brand: ASTRO Gaming

EAN: 4943765052241

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