Ara Fell & Rise of the Third Power (Limited Run #173) - (NSW) Nintendo Switch

Limited Run

$79.99 USD

Details: Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Combines the best parts of Japanese and western-style 16-bit RPGs with elements of visual novels and adventure games. The story is driven by characters each with his or her own past, desires, and motivations for joining the quest. Relive the RPG golden age with a game that pays homage to the past greats as well as blazing its own trail. -OPEN WORLD- Most of the world can be explored from the beginning if you're strong enough. A clever explorer may be able unlock secrets and discover powerful equipment early in the game. -TACTICAL COMBAT- Choose specialized equipment and statistics, customizing each character to best suit your play style, and to best thwart each boss battle's unique mechanics. -CHARACTER DRIVEN- Filled with vibrant characters who laugh, cry, crack jokes, lose their tempers, and even their will to go on as the size and scope of the curse that plagues Ara Fell becomes apparent. Friends and villains alike are not who they seem as the stakes grow higher. Rise of the Third Power A retro console-style RPG, loosely based on the politics of Europe in the late 1930's. The story takes place in the land of Rin during the height of the Age of Sail, following the events that would lead to the greatest war in history. -STORY DRIVEN- Join a party of 8, each with their own unique ambitions, perspectives and personalities as they embark upon a suicide mission to topple the emperor. Humor, drama and tragedy await players as they navigate the world. -CUSTOM BATTLE SYSTEM- A scratch-built battle system, characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, all of whom are meant to participate in battle simultaneously without the need for tedious party management. -PERSISTENT EQUIPMENT- Each piece of equipment found, purchased, or stolen is a permanent, unique upgrade for each character. Players purchase upgrades. No more buying an awesome helmet only to find a better one in a dungeon.


  • Ara Fell & Rise of the Third Power is on a region-free physical cart for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Genre: Strategy, Adventure, Role-Playing
  • # of Players: 1 Player
  • Supported Languages: English, Japanese
  • Supported Play Modes: TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Languages: English

Brand: Limited Run

EAN: 810105674941


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