Repairs & Services

Game Consoles, Controllers, & Disc Repair

When you spend a lot of money on a new console or controller, the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time and money to get a repair. We’re gamers too and we know how serious gamers are about their consoles, so our repair service is a quick and painless process so that you can get back to your favorite games faster.

Free Diagnostic

Diagnostic exams are the first thing we recommend when you are having issues with your console or controller. Whether it is an Xbox, PlayStation, or another gaming console, a diagnostic exam will identify the origin of the problem allowing the technicians to create a repair plan. Diagnostic exams are always free whether you decide to continue with the repair or not.

Expert Services

Some of the most common issues that plague players are HDMI ports, red rings of death for Xbox 360s, and analog drift on controllers. The knowledgeable and professional technicians at J&L Game can completely fix these and any other issues that they find. They will also keep you updated at every step of the repair process.

30-day Warranty

We are so confident that the repair you get at J&L Game is the highest-quality repair at the best possible price. All of our repairs are also covered by a 30-day warranty that covers the repair should something go wrong once you leave the store.

Disc Repair

Scratched discs can interrupt you at any time, from the starting crawl to the climactic ending. Our resurfacing machine can remove those scratches making your game or DVD as good as new. While not absolutely guaranteed, scratch removal typically leads to a smooth playing experience.