Neo Geo CDZ Condole - SNK NeoGeo CD (Japanese Import) [Pre-Owned]


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VIDEO GAMES TAKEN TO NEW REALMS OF PERFORMANCE POWER Built for pure amusement, the NEO GEO CD includes leading technologies producing unrivalled quality. Detailed graphics, fully orchestrated music, lifelike sound effects, refined graphics, fully dedicated controls, dazzling playability -- all of these features combine to form one of the most surprising game systems ever. FILL YOUR FREE TIME WITH FANTASTIC FUN! Experience the might of overwhelmingly popular arcade games on the NEO GEO CD-ROM, a system that makes no compromises in quality. With its improved CD-ROM drive and massive memory capabilities, connect any TV to the NEO GEO universe through RGB, AV, RF, and S-Terminal hook-ups. Now more than ever, the joy of NEO GEO becomes accessible to all! SCRUMPTIOUS DIGITAL SOUND TO KEEP YOU SHAKING No game is complete without a soundtrack. At the SNK Corporation, we fill all our NEO GEO games with realistic, bone-shaking sound effects and critically-acclaimed music. Whether it's the roar of the crowd in Super Sidekicks or the Japanese court music of Samurai Shodown, our games offer the aural dimensions to put you in the center of all the action. NEW UNIVERSES AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS BURST ON THE SCENE Enjoy all of the latest SNK / NEO GEO arcade titles in the growing catalog of NEO GEO CD-ROM software. Improved sound and fuller action offer our NEO GEO CD-ROM owners an extra bonus and the future promises more with greater third-party participation and titles designed specially for the CD home system. Now more than ever, isn't it time to consider the worlds of NEO GEO?

Product Details

Name: CDZ Hardware
Platform: Neo Geo CD
Publisher: SNK
Official Release Date: 1996
Number of Players: N/A
Online Multiplayer: N/A

Game Data

Genre: Hardware > Console
Country: USA
Product ID: CD-T01
Product Barcode: N/A

UPC: 4964808510016

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