Sega Genesis 2 Console System - SEGA Genesis [Pre-Owned]


$99.99 USD
Details: Includes system, Adapter, AV Cable and 1 Retro-Bit controller.

1993 saw this cost-reduced redesign (known as the Mega Drive II in Europe, and sold simply as "Genesis" in North America without the Sega prefix), at 22 cm×21.2 cm×5.9 cm, being introduced internationally. One of the major revisions from the original model was the removal of the headphones jack in favor of stereo output through a redesigned 9-pin A/V port. The Mega Drive 2 also used an external RF modulator (all non-Japanese Mega Drive models had an internal modulator), which was packed in with Western systems. American and European models also used a push-button toggle switch for power while non-Western models used a slide switch like the original model. Furthermore, the audio mixing circuitry was modified, resulting in noticeably different quality audio output — here is a page with audio samples, provided by little-scale. A common myth is that the Mega Drive 2 lacks a Z80 — the truth is that it has a Z80 in a QFP-44 form factor, which is not immediately identifiable compared to the DIP Z80 used in the original Mega Drive. If the Z80 was missing, most games would have no sound (or not all sound). Beginning with the VA4 board revision, the Z80 was integrated into a custom ASIC which also incorporated the major chips of the system.

Brand: SEGA

EAN: 034722701457

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