Worm's Blast - (GQ) Gamecube [Pre-Owned]


$19.99 USD

Details: Amazon.com In Worms Blast, the player controls one of eight worms while trying to sink his or her opponents' boats in single- or multiplayer matches. Combining familiar weapons such as the holy hand grenade, bazookas, shotguns, and grenades with new additions such as sea-monster attacks, meteor storms, and torpedoes, Worms Blast requires genuine skill and strategy to survive. The series' famed intuitive gameplay and cartoonlike sense of humor ensure the game will appeal to Worms veterans and newcomers alike. Product description Get ready for intense firefights in Worms Blast, a new puzzle game featuring wacky weaponry and power-ups. Your mission is to launch your worm into hostile waters and then attack your opponent with shotguns, bazookas, mines, laser beams, and sea monsters, while collecting various power-ups. Brave the high seas by facing rain, wind, solar eclipses, and even cosmic showers. Worms Blast includes eight head-to-head modes that challenge you to crush your opponents before they crush you. Review Worms Blast is not a bad game. It's also not a very good game. In fact, it's possibly the most painfully average and obviously derivative game to be released all year. The regular Worms titles continue to be among the most popular party games around, but this is not a regular Worms title: this is a clone of Bust-a-Move (a.k.a. Puzzle Bobble) with the Worms license unconvincingly plastered on it. In Bust-a-Move, you shoot multicolored bubbles up at a collection of bubbles as they slowly descend toward you. If you connect bubbles of the same color, they disappear, and your objective is to clear the screen. Worms Blast is essentially the same game--except that you shoot multicolored bullets at colored blocks. While Worms Blast is pretty much identical to Bust-a-Move, it's not as much fun. Having to move your character back and forth across the screen gets annoying, and the controls--ridiculously simple as they are--still manage to be fiddly and counterintuitive. Unless you have a thing for cartoon invertebrates, there's not much reason to buy Worms Blast. Try Bust-a-Move instead; it's still available, cheaper, and much better. --David Jenkins -- Amazon.co.uk


  • Variable modes
  • Puzzle-style gaming
  • Great characters
  • Hilarious humor
  • Two-player action

Release Date: 10-22-2002

Brand: Ubisoft

EAN: 008888150138


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