Samurai Warriors: Katana - Nintendo Wii [NEW]


$24.99 USD

Using an exhilarating first-person perspective, Samurai Warriors: KATANA is based on the hugely popular Samurai Warriors series and delivers total arcade-style action right into your own home. Armed with your motion-sensitive Wii Remote, you'll journey back in time to do battle as a lethal samurai warrior. Prevent pirates from invading your ships, rescue maidens from a burning castle, and explore mysterious caverns stalked by ninjas.

Product Details

  • Name: Samurai Warriors: Katana
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre: Action > Shooter > First-Person > Tactical
  • Developer/Publisher: Koei
  • Release Date: 2008-01
  • Item ID: RVL-RS5E-USA
  • Item Code: 0040198001717
  • Franchise: Samurai Warriors