Shapeshifter: Makai Eiyuuden - Turbo CD (Japan)

Victor Interactive Software

$29.99 USD


Far below the three moons that hang in the midnight sky, lies the land of Krellion. And the people of this land live in an age of perfect peace of prosperity: The Age of Light. Now behind this prosperity lies its source; a fellowship of powerful wizards, five in all, called the Ring of Five. But on the fifth moon of the Age of Light, a dark wave of evil began to sweep across the land, leaving a wide path of destruction in its wake. And the Ring of Five, which had protected Krellion for centuries untold, suddenly vanished from the land. Their fate lies in the unholy hands of three evil beings from the shadow realm. Three beings of unthinkable power, known as Dark Ones. Now the mid-summer equinox is almost at hand. And with this event, the Dark Ones will shatter the barrier that lies between Krellion and the shadow realm. But there is a single light in the darkness. His name is Lykos and he has the power to change his shape at will, and hopefully, save Krellion before it is too late-before the land is plunged into a dark, eternal nightmare... never to awaken...

Product Details

Game Data

  • Genre: Role-Playing > Action RPG
  • Age Rating: CERO
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
  • Country: Japan
  • Product ID: JCCD2011
  • Item Code: 4988002247936

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