Super Trench Attack - Nintendo Switch


$49.99 USD

Super Trench Attack is here. Enroll in the World War. Start your training and fight.

Super Trench Attack is a goofball comedy shooter based in a World War setting. Engage in a fearless fight against the Black Army’s oppression and help end the World War. Super Trench Attack is an action-packed, fun RPG, dual-stick shooter. Enrolled in the Green Army, Boot Camp is your first stop. Start your training & gather special items. As a rookie, you have to master new techniques and weapons to achieve your mission.



  • Individually Numbered!
  • EXCLUSIVE North American Cover limited to 1500pcs!
  • Region Free (will play on all systems worldwide)



Title: Super Trench Attack

Type: Arcade, Action, Adventure, Shooter

Players: 1

Expected Release: August 2020

Platform: Nintendo Switch EUR


Developer: Storybird Studio

Publisher: Pixelheart