Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)


$129.99 USD

Super Mario Bros. for the Game & Watch was a game that was released on the Crystal Screen and New Wide Screen unit. While the exact date of its release is unknown, it can be confirmed that it was released sometime in June of 1986 and March of 1988. A special edition of the game, which came with a winner certificate, a license card, and battery cover stickers, and a copy of the game in a Diskun-shaped case was given away in August of 1987.


The gameplay is similar to the NES video game of the same name, though it is simpler due to being released on a more limited platform. In this game, Mario goes from left to right, jumping across platforms and over obstacles in order to save Princess Peach.

Most of the levels in this game are auto-scrolling, a first for the Mario series. After the first loop of 8 levels, enemies start to appear, them being Bullet Bills and Lakitus that drop hammers.

Due to the limitations of the LCD technology, Luigi, Mario's brother, was not playable as he was in the NES variant.