Stolen - PlayStation 2

J&L Video Games New York City

$24.99 USD

Details: Stolen is 3rd-person, stealth-based action. Anya Romanova is accomplished - and sexy - female cat burglar who's trained herself to the peak of physical ability. Now she's after some of the toughest scores in the world. When a job goes bad, she's sucked into a Web of conspiracy. To survive - and escape with her loot - she'll pit her skills against the latest security technologies.


  • Pick door locks, avoid deadly traps, hack camera systems, crack safes, and steal priceless items without being seen
  • Use Anya's athletic skills to scale roofs, dodge guards, jump, sprint, spin and more
  • Infiltrate a Japanese museum, a high-tech prison, a satellite array -- each with numerous enemies and systems to outsmart
  • Atmospheric real-time volumetric shadow technology helps you hide from your enemies
  • Use all kinds of cutting-edge technology -- from trackers and sonic visors to traversal equipment

Release Date: 04-20-2005