X-Zone - Super Famicom (Japan)


$19.99 USD

X-Terminator wanted for x-tremely risky business.Quick! Get that blaster off your shoulder and zero in on your target with the first Super Scope game using on screen crosshair sights. The nation's main frame bio computer wants to x-terminate Earth. Your mission, should you x-cept it: infiltrate the x-tra defenses, x-plode the overseer's drones and moles that want to make you x-tinct. And x-ray the buggy bio brain with a couple of nuclear weapons. It's an x-plosive situation that only the truly x-cellent can survive.

Product Details

  • Name: X-Zone
  • Platform: Super Famicom
  • Genre: Action > Shooter > Light Gun
  • Developer/Publisher: Kemco
  • Release Date: 1993-08
  • Item ID: SHVC-XZ
  • Item Code: 4906571516680