WarpSpeed - Super Nintendo


$24.99 USD

In Your Face Combat Against A Swarming Alien Armada!WarpSpeed's incredible 3-D graphics and cockpit perspective put you so close to the combat that your eyebrows may get fried. You're the bad dude of deep space, piloting a hyper-fast, heavily armed Starfighter against the evil Alien Horde. Your mission? Blow the crater faced mutants back to their black holes before they can burn Earth to a crisp. 4 Starfighters. Pilot the Stinger, Striker, Stalker & Slasher. 4 alien races. Nothing worse than aliens with an attitude. 16 enemy spacecraft coming right at you in 3-D, rotating and firing. 7 brutal battle scenarios plus an electrifying Campaign. 512 galactic locations. Clash in 8 quadrants with 64 sectors each.

Product Details

  • Name: WarpSpeed
  • Platform: Super Nintendo
  • Genre: Simulation > Space > Combat
  • Developer/Publisher: Accolade
  • Release Date: 1992-12
  • Item ID: SNS-WP