Pro Sport Hockey - Super Nintendo

Jaleco Entertainment

$14.99 USD

REAL PRO PLAYERS! REAL PRO STATS! REAL PRO ACTION!Explosive slap shots, super-slick passes, body checks, penalties - it's all here in this realistic hockey simulation. So, slap on your helmet, lace up your skates, grab your stick and take to the ice in Pro Sport Hockey.-Choose from 24 teams, 288 NHLPA players-Exhibition games or round robin tournament-Special training modes for offense and defense-Password option lets you continue play-Play against the computer or another playerAn Authentic PRO SPORT Game Only from Jaleco!

Product Details

  • Name: Pro Sport Hockey
  • Platform: Super Nintendo
  • Genre: Sports > Team > Ice Hockey > Arcade
  • Developer/Publisher: Jaleco Entertainment
  • Release Date: 1994-02
  • Item ID: SNS-UI