Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run - Super Nintendo


$19.99 USD

Now you can make baseball history with Ken Griffey Jr.s Winning Run! Play with all 28 Major League teams and challenge your baseball skills over a full season. Capture the pennant and you're off to the World Series!Incredible 3-D rendered stadiums have views of the field that are so realistic you'll swear that you're really there. Step up to bat and you'll feel like a major league hitter. There has never been a sports game like this one. With more stats, more realism and more baseball thrills, it's a grand slam home run!

Product Details

  • Name: Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run
  • Platform: Super Nintendo
  • Genre: Sports > Team > Baseball > Sim
  • Developer/Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: 1996-06
  • Item ID: SNS-A9GE-USA
  • Item Code: 0045496830519
  • Franchise: Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball