Exhaust Heat II: F-1 Driver no Kiseki - Super Famicom (Japan)

Seta Corporation

$14.99 USD

OK race fans, you're seen the rest, now here's the best!Seta's new super DSP chip seperates the men from the boys in this high speed Formula One racing tour. Drive real cars, like the FW14B Williams, Mclarens MP4/7, the F92 Ferrari, the V8 Ford-powered Benettion B192, and other Formula One racing machines. You'll start out in a prototype Group C car and must win on all 8 tracks to move up. Next you race in F3000 cars to develop the lightning-fast reflexes needed to survive Formula One racing. Finally, you face the real 1992 Formula One season drivers and their cars. On the 16 international courses, it's a duel of nerves, skill, grit, and nitro. This game blow the competition away.A new standard in racing simulation is born and F1-ROC II is it.

Product Details

  • Name: Exhaust Heat II: F-1 Driver no Kiseki
  • Platform: Super Famicom
  • Genre: Racing > Simulation > Automobile
  • Developer/Publisher: Seta Corporation
  • Release Date: 1993-03
  • Item ID: SHVC-E2
  • Item Code: 4963919270086