Tech Romancer - SEGA Dreamcast


$149.99 USD

Straight out of classic Japanese anime movies comes Tech Romancer, the crushing 3-D fighter. Monstrous mechanoids battle in sprawling 3-D environments, dwarfing cities and obliterating buildings. Discover hidden power-ups to upgrade weapons, repair damage and enhance robot agility. Unlock and view the complete original Tech Romancer anime movie and play Sega Dreamcast VMU mini-games anytime, anywhere. Tech Romancer will leave you in a twisted heap of metal madness.

Product Details

  • Name: Tech Romancer
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast
  • Genre: Action > Fighting > 3D
  • Developer/Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: 2000-03
  • Item ID: T-1208N
  • Item Code: 0013388250097